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About Us



REDDPSE is a firefighter and family owned business that opened in 2009. We specialize in the sale of fire and public safety equipment in all shapes and sizes. From fire helmets, gloves and rescue equipment to traffic cones and vests, REDDPSE has got you covered. We are proud to offer equipment in such brands as Phenix Fire Helmets, Fire Maul, Fire Hooks Unlimited, Streamlight, Underwater Kinetics, CMC Rescue, Whelen, Fire Dex, Strobesnmore, Carson, Sound Off Signal and dozens more. If you don’t see the brand listed, just ASK. As firefighters we know that when it comes to protecting our own, we want you to have the safest and most durable products on the market. Whether on your body or on your vehicle, we only sell the best tried and true equipment on the street. Thank you for all of you support over the last ten years as we continue to improve by offering new and improved products and services. We look forward to working with you!

"The Dynamic Duo"

Christopher Redd

I serve as the company President, Co-Owner and Older Twin. I have been around the fire service most of my life and am very grateful to have been serving since 2004. I am a second generation firefighter currently serving as a Career Firefighter/ Paramedic and a Battalion Chief at a rural combination department. Working at both ends of the spectrum when it comes to rank and department type, I can help you get the best  quality equipment at an affordable price. I am also an active member of the Central Ohio FOOLS. 

Patrick Redd

I serve as the company VP, Co-Owner and Younger Twin. I like my brother have been around the fire service most of my life and have been serving since 2005. I am currently a Career Firefighter/ Paramedic,  and hold the rank of Captain where I live on our combination department. I am a Crew Leader on the Fairfield County Water Rescue team, and the Fire Training Coordinator for the Fairfield County Firefighters Association.  I am certified as a Rescue Technician, Ice Rescue Instructor, and Public Safety Diver.